Collection: Solitaire Moissanite Engagement Rings

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A solitaire ring is a beautiful and classic choice for an engagement ring, anniversary gift, or birthday present. It is a timeless style that will never go out of fashion. There’s no better way to show your significant other eternal love and commitment than with a solitaire ring.

At Guthrie Jewelry, we offer an array of stunning Moissanite solitaire rings. Explore and discover your ideal design today.

Moissanite is a sparkly gemstone that fell from the stars, making the solitaire ring a universal style. Even when the ring design is decorated with a pavé setting, the centerstone is always the leading revelation of Moissanite’s undeniable brilliance, fire and lustre.

Guthrie Jewelry holds a range of gorgeous ready-to-wear solitaire designs that are sure to catch anyone’s eye. Various shapes, carats, settings and metals are available on request. However, if you have a more specific design in mind, we can produce a custom made to suit your unique style at no extra cost. We bring your dream ring to life, and your imagination is the limit!

If you’re looking for a worthy diamond alternative, Moissanite has many advantages:

- Ethical (lab grown)

- Affordable (up to ⅛ of the price)

- Sparklier

- Extremely durable

- Rarer than diamonds

At Guthrie Jewelry, we have everything you need; custom rings, engagement rings and solitaire rings, all with Moissanite gemstones. Buy online today and receive free shipping worldwide, or book an appointment to visit our Melbourne showroom and try on our dazzling designs.


The rings and how they are made/sourced

Moissanite is a crystalline form of a chemical compound called silicon carbide. Natural Moissanite is extremely rare, but it can be perfectly replicated in controlled laboratory conditions thanks to modern science. As Moissanite is a lab-grown gemstone, it is both an eco-friendly and an ethical choice compared to diamonds.

The ready to ship options

Once your ring has been completed, the below shipping times apply. These times are subject to delays from Australia post - so far nothing has been delivered outside of these time periods below. Total turnaround time from time of purchase is 2-4 weeks. Longer times can occur during spring to summer months when we are the busiest . 

Care details

All our rings come with a lifetime stone warranty that your stone will keep it's fire, lustre, and brilliance.As well as to stay set on the ring. If not, we'll replace it for free.Your stone will arrive with an internationally recognised GRA certificate, certifying your stones clarity, cut, and brilliance.

Delivery info

Total turnaround time from time of purchase is 2-4 weeks. Longer times can occur during spring to summer months when we are the busiest. Domestic Standard Shipping: 20-25 Day Delivery Domestic Express Shipping 3-4 weeks Delivery International Shipping: 4-5 Week Delivery.