About Us

We started out working in the Jewellery industry ourselves. We were frustrated with companies that were unethical, overpriced, and used pushy sales tactics to get a sale. We came across Moissanite and figured that there was a better way.

Our Mission:
To be your trusted wingman/wing-woman, in creating moments of awe for you and your partner.

Our Values


It can be daunting to make a big decision. We want to make you feel supported through the process of deciding what piece will be the best fit.

Life should be filled with moments of awe. Outdated traditions shouldn't prevent you from living the lifestyle you wish to live.


It can be hard to trust companies and know if they're a reputable business. We promise we'll always try to do the right thing & we guarantee we'll always be honest. 

Love shouldn't cost blood, sweat, and tears. You should be able to get your dream ring without the exorbitant price tag and questionable source. 

You're welcome to visit our showroom located in Melbourne or have a video call if you're interstate. We can help you choose what style may suit your partner.

If you have any questions please get in touch using our custom quote or contact page. If you would like to learn more about moissanite or lab-grown diamonds read our guide here.